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Newgrounds ePenis (Download!)

2013-03-23 09:36:59 by Mattster

If anyone read Tom's latest News Post, then you probably read about a feature that will probably never happen.
"If you check out someone's medals for an individual game, you can click a link to compare their medals to yours and see who got what and who was first. We still need to add the ePenis meter but the length of medals in each column is kinda like an ePenis and the "1st" notifications are like who has a harrier ePenis."

This gave me a good laugh and thought it would be hilarious to see what it would be like, so I poked around a bit and came up with this... When you compare medals, you compare your ePenis too. This add-on will add a box to the top of the page, so you can see who get all of the bragging rights.

This is a Greasemonkey script, so before being able to install, you must download the appropriate add-on:
Firefox Greasemonkey
Chrome Tampermonkey
Internet Explorer

Once installed, go to the download link below, hit install, and go brag ;)

Download Newgrounds ePenis

Newgrounds ePenis (Download!)


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2013-03-23 09:52:02

as hilarious as it is
it would bother parents of younger users

Mattster responds:

Yeah, thats why it would never actually be a feature, hence why it is awesome to have it optional for those mature (or immature) enough ;D


2013-03-23 10:27:44

That's simply genius!
But yeah. What @Amaranthus said.


2013-03-23 11:22:52

OH my! This is excellent!


2013-03-23 12:22:47

works great!

though Id like an option to change my dick color please. not all of us have pasty dicks with bloated purple mushroom caps :p

Mattster responds:

Hmm, good idea. Maybe I'll whip up some different dick types.


2013-03-23 12:28:32

A genius.

You're a fucking genius.


2013-03-23 12:53:30

This is amazing!


2013-03-23 13:37:02



2013-03-23 15:50:33

I'm speechless

Mattster responds:

Yep, it will do that.


2013-03-23 16:18:50

Haha, awesome! :D


2013-03-23 19:15:18

My EPenis is so tiny tho. :(

Soo small

(Updated ) Mattster responds:

If it makes you feel any better...



2013-03-23 19:56:04

Holy crap, I can edit it so everyone's ePenisn is small and mine is big!
Open source!


2013-03-24 08:36:39

This is so hilarious! Thanks for the dicks, man! XD


2013-03-25 17:00:45

your ePenis is bigger than my ePenis :(


2013-03-27 11:50:30

I measure my epenis by b/p points, though. Though I suppose total stats would be the most accurate measurement, as that includes medals. ;)


2013-03-28 00:32:09

Huh, we're pretty close, but you've got about an inch on me. XD Great addition to an already great site. Nice one man.